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Time is famous for making comfortable, easy to control bikes. The Fluidity Aktiv frameset is the smoothest of their lineup. It starts with the Fluidity frame, which utilizes twice the amount of Vectran fiber that goes into the Izon. And then they install the Aktiv fork, which uses a tuned mass damper to eliminate road vibration before it reaches the fork crown. 

The Aktiv is amazing technology, but first, lets address the frame. Time weaves their own carbon fiber, and runs the manufacturing process in house from the yarn to the finished frames. They weave “socks” of carbon-fiber, wrap them around wax mandrels, and creates the shapes via Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), all in an effort to precisely control the ride properties. The effort can be noticed in the way you don’t notice it on a ride. The tube shapes vary over their length to dial in what the frame can resist. The top and down tubes flatten as they travel back from the head tube, which hides a 1 1/8” to 1 1/4” steerer, to give vertically and resist laterally. The seat tube starts round at the top and flattens front to back at the BB30 bottom bracket. The seat stays are flattened and swept for vertical comfort as well. The frame is basically constructed as a front end and a rear end. Besides being better able to control stiffness and compliance with this method, the frame is also more crash-worthy. The frame is covered by a lifetime warranty, and if any of the rear triangle gets damaged, Time can remove it and replace it.

Years ago, they figured out that by adding Vectran to the mix, the rider would feel fewer and lower vibrations coming up from the road and transmitting to the body. Vectran is an amazing material. It’s a liquid crystal polymer that is woven into a fiber and damps vibration. Vectran is a hallmark of Time carbon-fiber, ever since they started employing it in their forks, making the forks the most-sought after carbon-fiber fork of its era. The Fluidity has similar sized and shaped tubes to the Izon but has double the quantity of Vectran woven into the tubes. Twice the Vectran, twice the vibration damping, double the comfort.

In addition to Vectran, the Fluidity has a 1.5cm taller head tube compared to the Izon. This means the bike provides a taller stack and shorter reach compared to the Izon. Great for people who want a more upright, less stretched out position. Time bases their geometry on the belief that a ride where the cyclist feels comfortable and in control is the bike that the cyclist will pedal the hardest. They design their bikes with Grand Tour distances in mind, something everyone can get on and pedal all day every day and still feel ready to ride the drops.

The Aktiv fork is designed with a tuned mass damper inside. It’s a small weight on a flexible rod moving inside the fork. This sits just above the tips. You won’t hear it moving as there are rubber bumpers to damp any sound. It adds 200g to the bike. But what it takes away is vibration. Time found that 75% of the vibration experienced by the rider comes from the fork. When tuned mass dampers are used in cars, they help stabilize the front end. So not only are lots of vibrations never making it past the dampers, but stability has improved. This not only smoothes out the road, but increases confidence, decreases fatigue, for an overall performance improvement. And it does so without changing the geometry.

The Aktiv model also comes with an extended seat mast. In some bikes, this increases the feeling of stiffness. In Time, it decreases that sensation. That’s because Time deploys vibration-damping Vectran fibers woven all the way to the top of the mast. The mast is topped with a clamp that allow for 3cm of vertical adjustment. It’s also 30g lighter than the standard seat post.

Weight for the frame, fork, seatpost, clamp, and headset is 1690g in the Small, including paint.

Being a bike of the moment, the frame is designed with internal brake and derailleur cable runs. Derailleur cables can be electronic or mechanical. Electronic runs internally, mechanical externally. The cable stops can be removed and plugs are included. Both Campagnolo and Shimano will work. Run the battery inside the seatpost for Shimano, under the bottom bracket externally for Campy.

The included seatpost is carbon-fiber and the clamp works with both carbon and metal rails. The headset is from Time, works without a star-fangled nut and comes with both a flat and 1cm tall top cap. The cap is part of a patented Time design, which holds the fork in adjustment without the downward pressure of the stem. Max recommended tire width is 25mm.

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